Person to Person Quality was formed more than 20 years ago as a way to meet a mortgage client’s compliance needs. In 1993, a national client needed a way to compare the experiences of minority and non-minority loan applicants as part of its compliance with Fair Lending laws. Under our founder’s direction, we created and delivered the mystery shopping processes that foreshadowed what we do today. After completing multiple projects for lending clients, banks started inquiring about mystery sops on customer service and satisfaction. Soon, the idea of the Person to Person Quality℠ division of ADI turned into a reality.

Compliance audits can take many forms and can be used to document compliance with laws and regulations, company policies or industry best practices.

Here are some examples of compliance audit programs we have designed and managed:

Medicare Plan provider ensures agents are compliant with CMS regulations and guidance

A client wanted to make sure that the insurance agents it authorized to sell its branded Medicare products were following regulations and guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), specifically as they pertained to community meetings held by agents during the open enrollment period (OEP). The client also wanted to protect its brand and make sure its customers are having positive experiences.

This program continues. Each year, Person to Person Quality℠ recruits hundreds of seniors enrolled in Medicare to attend the community meetings held by the client’s field agents throughout the country. Our senior evaluators also have one-on-one meetings with the agents after the community meeting, and complete a detailed report on all aspects of their experience – from compliance to sales and service.

Industry association audits members for compliance with standards

An automobile service industry association with thousands of auto repair facility members has developed Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards (UICS) that its members have agreed to follow. These guidelines give consumers the information they need to make an educated decision on repairs for their vehicle. The customer and shop technician together use the guidelines to agree on the work the shop will do on his or her vehicle, thus eliminating confusion or mistrust. Repair shops participating in the program display a decal and agree to adhere to the association’s Pledge of Assurance to Customers and the Standards of Service. Person to Person Quality℠ conducts mystery shopping audits at about 200 participating facilities per year to make sure they are in compliance with the association’s membership requirements and guidelines.

Financial services firm audits seminars for compliance issues and quality

A national financial services firm arranges seminars across the country on investment strategies to attract clients to its individual advisory services. The presenters at these seminars are to communicate on investment strategies for the audience, not for individual members of the audience. Further, they must avoid making claims or representations about investment risks, returns, and other future performance metrics. Errors in these areas present compliance risk. To help manage this risk, Person to Person Quality℠ has trained evaluators attend the seminars and provide reports that identify apparent errors to be addressed and provide other insights for training purposes.

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