Paying close attention to the voice of your customers, employees, and other important groups is critical to your organization’s success. Surveys can be used to find out what happened in a recent interaction with your organization, to measure customer satisfaction, and gauge the loyalty of your customer relationships using the Net Promoter Score® System. Surveys are most effective when conducted by an experienced and unbiased third-party. Person to Person Quality℠ can handle all of your survey needs across multiple channels. We have managed survey projects focused on consumer products, consumer banking habits, insurance products, franchisees, healthcare professionals, small business owners, and business decision-makers, just to name a few.

Voice of the customer surveys can be conducted using a number of different methodologies, including:


Survey questionnaires are posted online and linked to from client websites, point-of-sale receipts, e-mail invitations, web-intercepts and other sources. Data is collected, cleaned, and displayed in easy-to-understand formats on your secure client portal, side-by-side with mystery shopping results when applicable. Online surveys are a scalable and cost-effective method of getting feedback from your customers.


Telephone surveys are a proven and effective method for learning about existing customers or stakeholders in your organization. They provide more control over the number of responses, distribution of responses over various customer segments, collection of substantive open-ended feedback, and ability to ask follow-up questions of respondents. Our trained interviewers enter responses directly into online forms linked to your client portal, where results are displayed in real-time, side by side with other customer experience data, such as mystery shopping results.

Person to Person Quality can assess your survey needs and design and implement the right methodology to achieve your objectives.

Case Study: Health Professionals Surveyed on Product Awareness and Brand Loyalty

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