Affinity Marketing and Co-Branding relationships can be a great way to promote a brand’s products and services to a niche market segment by partnering with another company that has an established relationship within that segment. Insurance, credit cards, rewards and discount programs, and travel services are among the most common affinity marketing success stories.

But there are risks involved in giving your seal of approval to, or putting your brand and reputation on the line by partnering with another company to jointly market and sell products. If your partner is not delivering a positive experience to your customers, it can damage the brand equity and loyalty you have spent years building up.

Person to Person Quality has designed and managed dozens of Customer Experience monitoring programs for clients with affinity marketing and co-branding relationships. Before you spend valuable brand equity on an affinity marketing or co-branding relationship, it is critical to listen to your customers, and understand their experiences, to ensure that the relationship is creating value for your customers and your brand.

Case Study: Discount Program with National Fitness Chain Fails to Impress Client’s Customers

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