If you’ve never mystery shopped before, you may have questions about how and why it’s done. Who benefits from mystery shopping? Can anybody do it? Is mystery shopping the right type of work for you? Will you get rich quick? Is mystery shopping a legitimate way to make money, or is it a scam? If you don’t find the answers in this list of Frequently Asked Questions, contact us

What is mystery shopping?
What kinds of businesses use mystery shoppers?
What are some examples of mystery shopping assignments?
Who are mystery shoppers?
How much mystery shopping can I do?
Can I quit my day job to become a full-time mystery shopper?
How is mystery shopping different from posting a review on social media?
Do I need any special equipment to mystery shop for Person to Person Quality?
How are Person to Person Quality mystery shoppers paid?
Are my earnings reported to the IRS?
How do I get started as a mystery shopper?
How do I complete my mystery shopping assignment?
How is my work reviewed?
How can I be sure a mystery shopping provider is legitimate?

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