Person to Person Quality’s clients expect the highest quality work. In turn, we hold our shoppers to a high standard. Editors or project managers review each assignment before submitting the report to the client. The editor gives the report a numerical grade from 1 to 10, and shoppers can receive feedback to help improve their work. You can also view your Shopper GPA (the average rating for all shops) when you login and review your Shopper Profile.

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Our Expectations of Every Report

To achieve a perfect rating of 10, your report must contain these elements:

  • Accuracy and facts. Every question must be answered accurately, with facts that back up the Yes and No choices on the form.
  • Detailed Comments. All narratives must include substantive comments that explain the important aspects of the shop. Comments should tell a fact-based story to help the client understand exactly what happened during the visit.
  • “Negative” answers are explained with factual comments.
  • Good business writing. Use complete sentences with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout the report. Proofreading your report before you submit it helps reduce careless errors.
  • The shop must be submitted on its scheduled due date, within 24 hours of completing the visit. Late shops may lose one or more rating points.

…And Every Shopper

But that’s not all. To earn a 10, shoppers must also exhibit these qualities for each assignment:

  • Be reachable by email and/or phone, before and after the shop is submitted. If we contact you with questions about your assignment, we expect you to respond within 24 hours, so we can deliver your report to our clients on schedule.
  • Be professional and take pride in your work. Professionalism can be expressed in many different ways. It refers to the language you use in your shopper report, the way you carry yourself while conducting the shop, and the manner and attitude with which you communicate in your dealings with us.
  • When you accept an assignment, we expect you to follow through and complete the work on time. Our staff is here to work with you if you need to make changes, as long as you give us enough notice. If you are courteous and professional enough to inform us right away, we will consider you for future assignments. If you flake – a commonly used term for failing to complete the shop without notifying us – we may not use your services again.

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Shop Ratings

10 - Excellent
9 - Good
8 - Fair
7 - Poor
6 or below – Unusable

Person to Person Quality’s editors and project managers understand the special nature of the role that mystery shoppers play as independent contractors. We count on you to be accountable, accessible, reliable, and professional, and we are dedicated to helping all shoppers meet every client’s needs. Our relationship is mutually beneficial when we treat each other in a professional, respectful manner. Quality shoppers bring satisfied clients, which in turn creates more shopping opportunities for you. Let’s help each other be successful!

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