Registered Person to Person Quality mystery shoppers can earn cash for referring friends and family to our program. For a full year, Person to Person Quality will pay you a referral fee for every assignment your referred shopper completes. Our Referral Rewards rates range from $1 for the most popular assignments, like restaurant visits and bar audits, to $10 for shoppers who can complete Medicare insurance provider assignments.  Refer as many shoppers as you want. Every shop they complete earns cash for you. There’s no limit to the rewards you can earn!

It’s easy to refer your friends and start accumulating Shopper Referral Rewards! Just follow these steps:

  • Compose your own message or copy and paste this sample email into a message and send it to the contacts in your network of family and friends. Tell them about mystery shopping and invite them to register with Person to Person Quality. You can also attach this Mystery Shopping Guide to your email. You can edit these documents however you wish to lend your own voice to them.
  • Give your contacts the exact name and email address you use when you mystery shop with us. When your contacts register with Person to Person Quality, they will list you as their Referring Shopper on their shopper profiles.
  • Every time a shopper you refer to PPQ successfully completes an assignment for us, you earn a referral fee of $1 to $10 per shop. This rewards program applies to all shops completed within one year of the referred shopper’s registration date.
  • No paperwork necessary! Person to Person Quality keeps track of the assignments your referred shoppers complete. Referral Rewards are paid via PayPal each quarter.
  • There’s no limit to the number of shoppers you refer. If 10 of your friends sign up and each of completes 10 assignments within one year, you can earn $100 or more!
  • To qualify for Referral Rewards, you must complete at least one mystery shop for Person to Person Quality.


Compose a Referral Message

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